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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) on the DentalSpa'*

What is The DentalSpa?

Created by health professionals at Oraspa, the DentalSpa is a comprehensive dental prophylaxis that includes relaxation techniques based on science and organic elements.

What is the Science of the DentalSpa?

The DentalSpa* creates a neuromuscular transmission from the body to the mind that results in deep relaxation. This organic anxiolytic consciously sedates and rejuvenates . Oraspa promotes a heightened anabolic state, accentuating the growth and rejuvenation of the immune, nervous, skeletal andmuscular systems that immerses you into a profound alpha brainwave state. Developed in 1986, the DentalSpa* customizes the blends of Dental Essentials with your own medical history. This combination of essential oils, music and touch therapy brings you into a naturally conscious sedative state of mind, body and spirit.

How Does the DentalSpa Work?

This hands-on relaxation technique incorporates: The olfactory system with therapeutic-grade essential oils customized to your medical history. Sensory Fusion, by regulating all of the senses to a neutral stage of comfort Environmental peace in the dental office. Touch Therapy; a protocol and series of movements designed with a variety of extra oral screenings. Science-based audio designed to progressively obtain a range of brain waves from the beta to the alpha or theta stage of rest.

The DentalSpa* therapeutic treatment promotes wellness and gives DentalSpa* patients a feeling of comfort and ease. Patients often reschedule and report that they have a better day after the therapy. Some have even been known to hug the Oraspa therapist after their procedure.